Pokken Tournament: New Modes & Support Pokemon Revealed

Source: Serebii

A flurry of new support Pokemon have just been announced for Pokken Tournament.
The lineup is as follows: Espeon, Umbreon, Magneton, Quagsire, Cubone, and Diglet.

Below are details about each:

– Espeon uses Morning Sun which removes status conditions as well as healing Hit Points
– The less time on the clock, the more it raises
– Umbreon uses Snarl which sucks up the opponent’s Resonance Gauge and prevents them being able to land critical hits
– Cubone uses Bonemerang
– This is a quick long range attack that hits multiple times and brings opponents to you
– Diglett uses Dig which makes it easy to land combos when the opponent has been hit
– Magneton uses Tri Attack which aims upward
– It lowers opponents’ Speed & Attack and is good against jumping opponents
– Quagsire uses Mud Bomb
– It is effective on players on the ground and damages even if guarded against

Information about the new support Pokemon comes from the official website. The page was also updated with new details, which are as follows:

– The Ferrum League is a feature exclusive to the Wii U version
– Beating stages adds more support Pokemon and battle areas
– This takes place in the Ferrum region
– In this region, Resonance Stones link people and their Pokemon
– Game lets you customize the player character’s gender, skin color, hair, etc.
– Encounter different trainers in the game
– Nia helps players navigate the world, and she chose Weavile
– There are also trainers who exist only in the Wii U version who are tough to beat
– Travis with his Garchomp, Keith with his Suicune and Erin with her Braixen
– Practice Mode: test your skills with no time limit or health
– Free Training: train freely
– Combo Dojo: learn various combos for the Pokemon
– My Town: alter your character’s appearance and clothing by spending the in-game currency, PokeGold

Interesting to note the Pokémon Company has stated that there are currently no plans for DLC stages or Pokémon.

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