Fatal Frame Digital Rage

So it was revealed yesterday that Fatal Frame 5 will be released on 10/22/15 but only as an e-shop exclusive. The rage is here and it’s set to 11, but is it justified?


So here’s some of the reasons people are raging.

  1. America is the only territory not to get a physical release.
  2. Fatal Frame is historically known to sell better in the states.
  3. Wii U storage space is too small.
  4. Europe is getting a limited edition version
  5. Forced to buy digital to get the game.

Now, I’m not here to argue if your rage isn’t justified. The purpose of this article is to show the other side of the coin and understand the reasoning behind Nintendo of America’s decision.

  1. America is the home to most Wii U owners.
    • This means it takes more money to ship out enough product to cover all retailers in the states.
  2. Fatal Frame doesn’t sell well period.
    • Looking at the franchise’s sales data even though America usually has the highest number the numbers overall are still very low.
    • None of the games haven’t even broken over 200,000 copies which is crazy when you think about we’re at the 5th game and it still sells that poorly.
  3. America is getting the game earlier.
    • I know this isn’t big point but even thought Europe is getting all this cool stuff, Americans will be playing the game over a week before the Europeans can.
  4. Nintendo of Europe works harder for less
    • Europe is currently Nintendo’s worst market.
    • Added on the fact that North America is over twice the size of Europe and all the NoE limited/special editions start making more sense.
    • NoE can do those kinds of things because their market/install base is much smaller so it’s easier to do and they have the extra money to do so.
    • NoA isn’t intentionally snuffing us, we’re just too big of a market to fully satisfy.
  5. Nintendo of America is giving you a chance.
    • For those not in the know, the last Nintendo-Published Fatal Frame game was a Wii-Make of the 2nd game which never came to the states.
    • Knowing the poor sales of the franchise makes this a risk to make games for and/or releasing the game in the states.
    • If you want to show Nintendo that the game is viable and you will buy it, then get the game. Prove that it’s worth getting a physical release of the game.
    • If they see enough digital sales you may get your print versions and even future games because as of right now, it’s looking pretty dark for fatal frame.

Now to reiterate, I understand the storage size is still a problem and I’m not saying I don’t understand your pain. As a fan of physical media myself, I’d prefer a physical copy. I’ve already heard of people saying to boycott the game and my question how does that help a poor selling franchise, especially if you were one of the ones screaming for a physical release?