Manga Intrigue: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Today I’m starting a new series known as “Manga Intrigue”. This is where I take a manga series and give my first impressions on it. This is pretty much the written version of “InsaneMangaCorner” if anyone remembers that. So with that out of the way let’s jump into today series: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou aka Monster Musume: Everyday life with monster girls…..

Yup, starting off classy.

So if the american title didn’t clue you in, Monster Musume is a harem/ecchi series with the gimmick around monster girls or what I call them, anthros. Anthros meaning humanoid versions of animals usually of the female persuasion.


In this series Monster girls are a thing and the government has passed “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act” which is there way of introducing these creatures into human society, it’s like the cultural exchange program, but with monster girls!!! Enter our main protagonist, Kurusu Kimihito, a 18-year old virgin who accidentally gets thrown into the exchange and eventually gets a full house of monster girls living with him.

As you can see the plot isn’t too interesting, but it allows itself to set up some funny gags and the girls themselves are pretty entertaining with their various personalities. The other cool thing about the girls is that the author makes use of the traits the animals the girls are based on.

For example, our first girl, Mia, a lamia aka snake girl, sheds her skin like real snakes do and in typical ecchi fashion, the author uses these unique traits to throw in some arousing situations….



The series is heavy on the fanservice so if that’s not your thing, just walk away slowly. The other side of the show besides the light animal lore and boobs galore is the romance aspect which is part of the main draw for me to the series. The one thing a lot of harems get wrong is that they give the main character a main love interest, focus on the other girls when they’re introduced and then ignore them for the rest of the series except for cheap gags. Why make it a harem and not give the rest of the cast a fighting chance? Nisekoi and Sekirei understood that part of the real draw to harems. Monster Musume, luckily, understands this idea as its pretty balanced with each of the girls by having multiple stories based around each of the girls. This set-up works better for the audience because it allows you to get attach to each girl and makes you want to root for them.

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*Sidenote* These are some of my favorites.

At its core, Monster Musume is a basic as hell harem with loads of fanservice and a simple plot, but it’s that simplicity and balance relationships with the girls that makes it enjoyable. The animal lore keeps things interesting and the girls personalities are fun to watch, especially when they interact with each other.


…..the fanservice is ok……

Monster Musume is licensed in the U.S. by Seven Seas Entertainment

You can buy the first few volumes now, Click here if your interested.

There have also been talks of an anime adaptation.