Monster Musume Chapter 38 Review

Lala focus, yes!!!!


(As of the day this review is posted an english translation of the chapter is not currently out so the review is based on the summary provided by a 4chan user)

So this is Lala’s first appearance in the last 3-4 months. For some reason she’s a character that disappears and reappears every 3-4 chapters, but this is the first Lala focused chapter since her introduction 14 chapters ago. So how is Lala’s return chapter? Surprisingly down to earth.

This is the only non-fanservice chapter in the whole series, to my knowledge. There’s no panty shots, groping, sexual references or any lewdness to be found here and it’s surprisingly refreshing.

Continuing from last chapter, darling’s in the hospital from his ordeal with Mero’s mother, but not because he was critically injured, but because he was perfectly fine which baffles the doctors. This is easily explained by our favorite chuunibyou grim reaper who is the only one to come visit him at the hospital primarily because she’s the least rowdy of the group. Ironic that the two most lethal creatures in darling’s harem are the most docile, Lala & Rachnera.

lala annoyed

This chapter did a lot for Lala in just subtle nuances of her character. Whether it’s us learning she’s very shy around children or her interesting tastes in gifts. These quirks are shown through the chapter without impeding on the main story. The main story in question is pretty interesting to say the least, essentially some of the neighborhood kids from chapters ago come visit darling and through the awkward commotion Lala loses her head. Luckily a sickly girl finds her head and returns it to Lala’s body. This is where we learn that she isn’t creeped out by Lala and is actually pretty interested in her. Lala, happy to make a new friend tries to come back night with presents for her, but due to her adorable shyness she’s afraid to ask the nurses where her room and instead goes and asks darling.

lala's tastes....

This is where darling informs her that the girl in question is dying from a terminal disease and doesn’t have much time left. This is the best part of the chapter because it outlines a conflict in Lala. As a reaper her job is to guide souls back to the afterlife, but she wants to help this girl because she feels that it’s way too soon for her. This shows some good character development for Lala and as usually darling comes to the rescue with some advice which helps Lala make her decision.

lala's tears

Now long story short she does save the girl, but it’s not 100% clear how. Basically the girl makes a full recovery and darling is released from the hospital, but when Ms. Smith and MON show up, Lala gets really nervous. Ms. Smith inspects the girl and we come to find out she’s now a Zombie, Lala then notes she has Zombina’s tooth which is shown missing from Zombina’s mouth. This where we (and darling) notice Lala has pliers in her hand behind her back. This creates a very interesting situation that Lala somehow used Zombina’s tooth to turn the girl into a zombie. The chapter ends with Ms. Smith placing the MON girls on house arrest.

zombina in trouble

This has the potential to lead into an interesting arc involving Lala and possibly Zombina as well. The idea that zombies can infect others with their teeth and how Zombina feels for infecting a young girl with said infection could make for a interesting plot-line. Also Lala mentions earlier that she would be in trouble if she started messing with the lives of people outside of guiding there souls, will she be punished by this meddling and if so, by who? Granted as a fanservice manga I’m not expecting anything too serious, but This chapter was a nice surprise and I look forward to the next chapter in about another month or so, ugh.

Also, Lala smiling ftw!!!

lala's smile

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