Monster Musume: The Lala Conundrum

lalaThe official website for the Monster Musume television anime series announced the cast on Thursday for the characters Lala as well as Draco, Kii, and Lilith.

Some fans who aren’t well versed in the manga are a little worried that too many girls are being added to the anime; this article is for those said fans. To explain, Monster Musume is a monthly manga series so it’s chapters are longer than normal. That being stated, the anime has being doing a pretty accurate adaptation of the manga. Based on the first 3 episodes, the anime does 2 chapters of the manga per episode, by that logic the anime will adapt up to chapter 24.

Lala is introduced in chapter 22 so that confirmsĀ a few things:

1. She’ll only probably be in 1-2 episodes

2. This is why she’s not included in the opening.

3. The 5-6 chapters before 22 are set-up to lead into introduction

Also, with the confirmations of the other girls:



This confirms that the anime will stick to cannon considering these characters are also cannon to the manga.

I’ve also surmised from the episode 4 preview that the anime will skip chapter 7. To see why I believe that, watch my review:

Preview for episode 4: