Thoughts on Nintendo’s NX/Zelda/Mobile/E3 Plans

So Nintendo’s financial meeting was today and my god so much information to talk about so let’s break it down.

Miitomo sales and new Fire Emblem/Animal Crossing mobile games:

  • Keeping Nintendo relevant with people. The Mii branding is still viable and these numbers prove it.
  • These 2 franchise strike a good balance of consumer intrigue. Fire Emblem definitely has hardcore appeal and with a boost in it’s mainstream appeal recently it can help gamers into the mobile space. Animal Crossing can do the reverse due to the casual nature of the game. It can appeal to the more general audience and pull in the casual market into dedicated gaming.
  • Increases Nintendo mind share which is definitely needed.

Zelda NX & Wii U:

  • Not surprised honestly due to being heavily rumored also it coincides with the NX global launch helping get that console off the ground.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that the Wii U version is done and they’re just doing this for the NX.
  • A new picture….zwu^w^

E3 Plans(Zelda only playable & no NX):

  • I think they’re trying to build hype for Zelda considering they’ve been disturbingly quiet about this game and it needs the attention.
  • I believe other games will be shown
  • They’re trying to give the Wii U & 3DS all the attention to show those owners they have games to play.
  • Wonders if Treehouse will be showing off other games.

NX March 2017 Release:

  • Still experimenting
  • Their goal seems to be to get more games out to the consumer quicker.
  • Considering they’re always fighting for space during the holidays it makes beginning (tax refunds) of next year free.
  • Instead of having a launch in November and asking consumers to buy under the promise of new games. Start in March and build a strong library for that holiday keep consumer interest the entire year.
  • The launch games should hold consumers till summer and use e3 to carry the momentum.

Final Thoughts:

These announcements show me that Nintendo’s thinking towards the future now more than they used to and with this and all the changes in the Wii U generations tells me they are still changing. The core problem Nintendo is having is mind-share, people barely recognize half their characters. So pushing more other IPs(Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus) is essential and have to keep changing to survive. Let’s see how well these changes work.