Top 10 Anime Pokemon

As a pokemon fan, I’ve been watch the anime since the mid to late 90s and still enjoy it to this very day. Like others I also still play the games. Now with the anime advantage of having character development within the pokemon; needless to say there was some anime influencing maybe the pokemon you chose in the respective games. No? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m here to honor 10 pokemon who I view differently due to their anime adaptations.

1. Skitty53lkd3

Let’s kick off the list with May’s pink kitty, skitty. This is is actually apart of the group of pokemon that I prefer their pre-evolution over their final form. This cat is adorable and through watching it for most of the hoenn region made me really wanna try it.

2. Kinglermaxresdefault (1)

The OG Crab King, Ash’s kingler was our first, “Pokemon who battles for the first time and completely destroys everything”. It was awesome and was my main priority to use him in the games due to it, but stat-wise… I still love his design and I was hyped when I saw Ash break him out again even thought he’s not the very best.

3. Gliscor181374-251840-301481455largejpg-620x

The proper rise from failure pokemon. Ash’s Gliscor is goofy as hell, especially with the tongue thing it does, but it’s endearing. That pokemon grinded and even though it was afraid, it still wanted to be better, faster, more Daft Punk. When it evolved it got stronger obviously, but it was still goofy and that’s what I love most about it.

4. Corphish3221052_640px

Hoenn Hothead, wait, but he’s a water type. I guess I like crabs because corphish was another pokemon who shot up in the ranks for me. His easily hothead persona allowed for great development of his character and hilarious interactions with the group. I don’t need you to evolve, I like you just the way you are.

5. Bayleaf12767809000051

The Tsundere Pokemon. Honestly, I wasn’t super huge on her when I first watched it, but Bayleaf and her romantic antics with Ash have “grown” on me. Her crush on Ash made her pretty cute before she evolved. As Bayleaf she was a bad motha…….yep, I like her.

6. Psyduckpsyduckinlove_zpsd2082685

I had no choice. When thing up this as an idea for a list, he’s the first name to come to my mind. Psyduck is that goofy pokemon just by his looks and the anime mainly shown that as hist main characteristic. BUT!!! They also showed another side, his badass side and my god, that’s a dangerous duck. Plus, he’s like Misty’s pikachu, the first pokemon you think of, well next to togepi….

7. MunchlaxP07_Munchlax_(3)

Put it in the same category as skitty. I like Munchlax way more than Snorlax, that guy bores me. The major appeal of this guy is that unlike his big brother, he did more than just fight, eat, and sleep. May’s Munchlax was fun, silly, and entertaining as well.

8. LeavannyEP736_Leavanny_contento

A surprising development. So Leavanny, design-wise was never appealing and even when Ash got one in Unova I was like, Butterfree Unova edition. As Generation 5 continued I began warming up to cool and “fatherly?” side to him. Let’s be honest, wrapping Ash in leaves was pretty funny and Leavanny vs Sawk was awesome.

9. CacneaJames's_Cacnea

As a continuation with James’ gag of have his pokemon attack him. Cacnea felt more genuine than Victreebel, like it actually hugging James. It’s introduction was alot more enjoyable as well. We all remember how he left as well and it was a true pain to watch, but we respected his grind. Cacti can be cool too.

10. SnivyAsh's_Snivy

Generation 5’s mother hen. Man there are alot of grass types on this list. I was pretty indifferent to Snivy in the games, but I love her sassy, mother hen approach they went with in the anime. She was the one who you couldn’t get anything passed and I loved it. She’s definitely is on my “next to use” list.